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Ciao a tutti! 😊

After my last blog I started to fly on the twin! Amazing ! I think this part of the training is quite intense and the standard required is higher but it is sooo much fun!

First, I did my Multi Engine rating lessons, which consisted of four flights and one sim session. All of which are focused on learning to fly a twin engine aircraft: general handling, circuits, engine failures and emergency procedures.

Then onto flying for my Commercial Pilot Licence which is made up of four flights concentrated on navigation.

All of these lessons are visual flying so during the bad weather days I started the Multi Engine Instrument sims.

Soon enough I was able to do my mock test and my exam for MEP rating + and CPL!

The exam is similar to a PPL, but more complex with higher standards required and a focus on the commercial side of the flight (the examiner is like a paying passenger/customer).

It consists of two parts a ground exam and the flight.

On the ground you are tested on your knowledge of weather, technical aspects of your aircraft, air law, map reading and interpretation, route planning, fuel, performance and mass and balance calculations.

The flight consists of general handling, local circuits, emergency procedures and asymmetric flight, navigation and diversions.

There is a lot going on, it requires a lot of preparation and studying but instructors will help and by the time you have the exam you’ll be ready!

It was so satisfying to finally get my CPL Licence!!! 🤩 It is one of the biggest steps in the  training!

After my exam, I requested to take leave. As Italy has made it to Ireland’s green list and I hadn’t been there since Christmas, I took a week off and I went home, sooo nice to take a break! Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries and be even stronger than before!

Once back I picked up with the MEIR sims. It is a total of 40 hours, divided in three stages: basic, intermediate and advanced. It is very similar to SEIR but with an intense focus on emergency procedures, engine failures and asymmetric flight.

I think the sim is great for instrument flying. It gives the chance to slow everything down and take it step by step if needed.

Now I have started my MEIR flights. I am only three flights away from the mock test. I hope to be able to take my exam soon. 🤞

Stay tuned!  😁