Become a fully qualified commercial pilot with a frozen ATPL licence within 16-18 months.

At AFTA we provide a precision approach to meet all your pilot training needs.

Established in 1995 our experienced team are dedicated to helping you learn the skills, acquire the knowledge and build the confidence required to land your dream job.

Join AFTA and like our 2,100 graduates, you could also be employed with the world’s leading airlines including Ryanair, Stobart Air, Aer Lingus, easyJet, British Airways, Air Astana, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Cathay Pacific.


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Ryanair Mentored Cadet Blog – Hugh Maguire (Part 2)

Posted on
Hi All, welcome back. Since the last blog I’ve completed solo consolidation pilot in command module, or PIC (Pilot in Command) as it’s officially known. This has to be the most fun I’ve had so far during training. PIC is where the student is Pilot in Command (PIC) of the aircraft, and can decide where […]

AFTA Graduate – Beatrice Secchi Ryanair Type Rating Blog

Posted on
Hello everybody! 😊 I have finally started my Type Rating with Ryanair. 🤩 On the 22nd of March me and my course ( 11 other people) had an introduction day with the Head of Training at East Midlands Training Centre and our ground school mentor. We were explained all about the course, base and line […]

AFTA and MTU Collab to Introduce New Course in Global Business and Pilot Studies

Posted on
AFTA’s longstanding university partner MTU has launched the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Global Business and Pilot Studies, an innovative new programme which offers prospective pilots the opportunity to bolster their career and employment prospects. The programme is the first of it’s kind and involves a partnership between MTU and Atlantic Flight Training Academy whereby […]

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