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Noémie’s Flying Tour of France – Blog 1


My name is Noémie, I am 20. I started my pilot training in 2016 and came to AFTA in 2019 to do my ATPLs. My passion start during my childhood with my parents. My granfather and my dad worked in aeronautics so it’s was evident that I should become a pilot.

My trip is going to start on 14th of August and take 2 weeks to complete. I’m so excited and happy to share this with you. I decided to do this trip when I was in Ireland when everyone was asking me: What do you want to do for your hour building? I had discussions with all of my roommates about what they did. Then I realised hour building is an opportunity to do whatever I want. I decided it would be good to do a tour of France compared to do some hours around my home!

Now I have to prepare a lot for this exciting adventure. Last week I had to choose the airfields I would like to visit, it wasn’t easy. Most of the French airport are beautiful but I can’t go everywhere, so I had to choose specific ones that meet certain requirements.

First I looked at all of airfields that had paved runways.Why paved runways? The reason is because my Cessna 172 has wheel fairings so I need to be careful with the grass runways during the summer. If I need to do an aborted take off, the brakes will be hot and with the grass could burn. So most of my airfields are paved.

Then I had to look for all of the airports that supply avgas. The Cessna I will be flying uses 100LL avgas fuel which provides 7 hours endurance. The last important point I need to look at is the facilities at all of the airports I will be visiting. Ideally I would like to sleep at the airfield if possible, although it will not be possible to at every airfield. I called all of the airfields I will be visiting to check if it’s possible to camp next to my plane!

I still have a lot to do:

  • Prepare and plan my navigation routes.
  • Mass and balance calculations for the aircraft.
  • Put the AFTA logo on the aircraft.
  • Call the newspapers to expend my project

Please follow me on my tour on Instagram and Facebook: @Novembre_Echo.

See you next time for my next blog!

Noémie’s Tour of France is being part-sponsored by Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA).

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