Airline Pilot Club

Welcome to the Airline Pilot Club’s (APC) web page with our partner ATO, Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA). AFTA and APC have combined their experience and expertise to provide you with the best possible preparation supports and high-quality airline pilot training.

AFTA have endorsed APC and our Indicative Assessment as a tool to help you prepare for your Airline Pilot Career. Here are APC’s 8 Steps to an Airline Pilot career:

APC was founded by Captain Andy O’Shea and Captain Petter Hornfeldt. You might know Petter better as Mentour Pilot from his hugely popular YouTube channel. Together we have the experience, credibility and reach to help you and your family make good choices about how you could become an Airline Pilot.

As a former Head of Training, Andy dealt with many ATOs over many years. Through his wide network he has a great insight into what it takes to be a successful candidate and eventually an airline pilot. Candidates who have received an excellent level of training stand out in assessments and during their training.

This is why AFTA is one of APC’s first partner ATOs. AFTA has proven itself to be a really effective training organisation, providing first class training and safety standards whilst offering value to prospective students. AFTA has a proven track record of providing successful applicants to EASA airlines and this is why “major airlines” have chosen it as ATO partners on its mentored schemes. It also has a long history of working with airlines from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asian airlines.

AFTA has always worked closely with the airlines to keep in touch with what the industry needs. They have invested in their fleet to ensure students are using the most technologically advanced training tools and fully embraced the advantages to students of providing industry led APS MCC training. You will enjoy a great training experience that will take you from day 1 in the classroom to qualifying with an APS MCC on the B737-800 and be ready for any job interview and assessment.

We in APC have full confidence that you will receive excellent training and career opportunities by completing your training in AFTA.

Indicative Assessment

APC and the experts in airline pilot assessments, AON Assessment Solutions, have combined to produce what we call an Indicative Assessment (IA). The IA is designed to give you and your family a strong indication as to whether you have the abilities and personality characteristics necessary to become an effective and happy Airline Pilot. You will be able to complete it in the comfort of your own home.

The result of the IA will be one of 3 outcomes: READY, ALMOST READY & NOT READY. You can do the IA and not join APC, but we strongly recommend that you do so! See below for information on APC member benefits.

Here are your membership options:

Once you have completed the assessment you can expect the results to be available within weeks. If you get a READY result straight away, Congratulations! Even with this great result, we recommend that you join the Club to give yourself the best possible preparation for your ATO/Airline interview. If you get a different result, do not be too despondent. You can work at any areas that have been identified as needing development. This is where becoming a full member of APC will help you. We will analyse your result and work with you to help you create and execute your own, personal Dashboard and Development Plan. This is where full membership really provides you with great support.

Member Benefits

When you are a full APC member you will enjoy great member benefits. We will continuously develop more and better benefits for you. Here are the current benefits that you will enjoy when you join Petter and I in The Club:

APC Training Pathway Guidance

  • IA support with Personal Development plan
  • Personal Dashboard where you can construct, amend, and sign off on your Development Plan progress (& lots more).
  • Access to powerful AON insurance policies
  • Free English language tuition focussed on how to perform at an interview
  • Free airline career guidance from experts in the field

APC Community

  • APCTV – an internal channel that will provide you with insights onto the Airline Pilot career and how to become one of those lucky people.
  • Access to a Discourse channel where you will be able to interact with other people just like you and, even better, fully qualified Airline Pilots, who have made the journey from dreamer to living the dream. These Mentors will be able to help you and clarify any queries that you have.
  • Petter and Andy will run livestreams and webinars where you can interact with us. We will bring other great Airline Pilot career experts as guests and you will be able to ask them questions directly.

APC Discounts

We have negotiated on your behalf great discounts in areas that we know will be important to you. We will be working constantly to increase and improve these great discounts that will allow you to save money but still get access to great products.

  • 10% off for a block of 5 hours Flight Introduction in AFTA.
  • Access to an APC Pooleys Shop where you will be able to purchase any of Pooley’s thousands of products at a really significant discount to the retail price.
  • Access to more comprehensive courses in English language and career guidance, at a discounted rate.

You can learn more about APC here.