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Hello everyone! 😁

Finally I completed my Multi Engine Instrument Rating. 🤩

I finished my MEIR flights on the DA42 and I passed my exam.

Like the other flight tests it is made of two parts, the ground one and the flight.

For the ground part you will have to plan an IFR flight to a destination in the UK and show your work to the examiner.

You will be asked questions about the planning, weather briefing, mass and balance and performance. The focus will be on the instrument side of the flight: laws and regulations, route waypoints, airways navigation, instrument arrival routes, approaches and departures, etc…

Personally I think the planning part is quite intense, definitely harder than CPL.

You will be doing three days of briefing for your instrument rating so you will know what to do, however I found it challenging!

Very satisfying once you successfully complete it! 😁

The flight is generally a navigation to an Irish airport with general handling, partial panel maneuvers, engine failures, holdings and different kinds of approaches, everything under instrument flying rules of course.

I can’t believe I am already at this stage of my training and I am almost finished.

Last week I started my APS (Airline Pilot Standards) MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course with a sim partner and two other students.

The course is focused on learning to operate in a multi crew environment, on the development of non‐technical skills (leadership, communication, decision making…), crew resource management and threat and error management.

It also covers commercial jet operations and handling.

We will be using Ryanair SOP’s in AFTA’s Boeing 737-800 simulator.

We had four days of ground school at the academy and then a week to study and prepare for four tests: performance and planning, standard operating procedures, non-technical skills and B737-800 technical test.

I am not going to lie, it is a huge amount of things to study and I felt overwhelmed at times but I did it! 😅

The exams are not too hard, they are not made to catch you out, but to see if you’re ready to start the simulator sessions.

I have also been studying the ground and flight profiles for the simulator.

Home solution for preparation 😅

As Ryanair mentored I am actually very happy to be doing the APS course as it brings you to a high commercial standard and it gives a great preparation for the Type Rating!

It’s a lot of work but very well paid off I think.

I am starting soon the sim sessions, I am very excited and looking forward to them! 😁