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That’s it folks!

I finally finished my training…I still can’t believe it. 🙈

So the last bit was APS MCC. For me personally was one of the toughest things I have ever done! 😅

Some humble personal advice: begin studying before you start APS…take a few days if you need to! It’s going to make your life sooo much easier! There is a lot going on, a lot to learn and to do!

I spoke about ground school and theory exams in the last blog. The rest of the course consists of 40 hours of sim, divided into 4h sessions per day. It goes by very fast as there is little break between sims. Every lesson has a briefing before entering the sim, and a debriefing afterwards, both very important and useful!

The entire course is completed in pairs: each day one person is Pilot Flying (First Officer) for 2 hours and then Pilot Monitoring (Captain) for the other 2. (In real life you would switch between the two roles, but here we keep it the same!)

I think it is really important to have a good partner, it makes everything much easier and fun!

I am very happy with who I ended up with! We studied together before the sims started and every afternoon during the course. We worked really well as a team and our efforts definitely paid off!

Thank you Jason, for being so supportive, patient and fun!

Also, the instructors are amazing! Extremely competent, helpful and funny! They are all professional pilots with a lot of experience!

Mock sim in the classroom. Very helpful to study and prepare!

The course follows Ryanair SOP’s. There are two assessments, one in the middle and one at the very end. They both consist of a full ground set up, take off, flight, landing and shut down! Of course with different kinds of minor and major failures, different settings and events.

It is astonishing to me to see the level at which a person finishes APS, such a high standard and great competencies (both technical and non-technical!)

Final assessment

Even if it was hard, I am very glad I did this course! It really prepares you for a future Type Rating giving you a very good theoretical and technical foundation.

In general, I am very happy with my training in AFTA. It has been intense and full of ups and downs but the effort has already been paid off: the enormous satisfaction of completing the course, the feeling I have at every single takeoff, my heart beating out my chest my first solo, the congratulations after an exam, the view from the cockpit and I could go on forever!

After my last APS assessment I had to finish my upset recovery training. It is made up of three flights, two in the Cessna and one in an aerobatic aircraft, the Slingsby T67. I think they are all very interesting and useful lessons, also VERY fun!

My last flight was in the Slingsby. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending! Super fun flight during a beautiful sunset!

See you soon!