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The Airline Pilot Club (APC) announces partnership with Atlantic Flight Training Academy

Airline Pilot Club and AFTA create a new pathway to becoming an Airline Pilot

APC and AFTA have today announced the launch of a partnership that is aimed at providing aspirant airline pilots with professional guidance and high-quality training as they move along their route to an airline pilot career. APC has established an 8-step process that guides prospective students and their families through all the key issues associated with becoming an airline pilot. Over the past 25 years,  AFTA has earned a reputation of providing, high-quality, ab-initio, modular and Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Co-ordination (APS MCC) pilot training to a range of airline partners in a training environment designed to challenge and enhance a student’s flying skills.

APC’s process provides APC members with access to an online assessment of their suitability to a career as an airline pilot as well as practical assistance in creating a Personal Development Plan so that they are ready to approach an airline with confidence. APC members can access powerful insurance policies to assist them in securing funding for their pilot training. A key element of the APC process is to connect its members with high quality Approved Training Organisations (ATO) such as AFTA.

APC founders, Captain Andy O’Shea FRAeS and Captain Petter Hornfeldt (YouTube Mentour Pilot) along with AFTA CEO and Head of Training Captain Mark J. Casey have unrivalled experience and connections in the airline industry. This partnership will allow them to leverage these unique resources so that APC members and students at AFTA receive introductions to well-known airlines throughout Europe and the best possible start to an airline pilot career.

Commenting on the announcement, APC founder and CEO, Captain Andy O’Shea said “We are very pleased to be announcing the launch of our partnership with AFTA. I am very aware of the quality that Captain Mark Casey and his team provide AFTA students. AFTA provide outstanding ab-initio commercial pilot training as well as one of the best APS MCCs on the market.

 We are excited to give our members access to this quality across the whole spectrum of airline pilot training in AFTA.

On behalf of AFTA, Captain Mark J Casey AFTA’s Head of Training and CEO said , “Andy and Petter have been working tirelessly on this project and I am delighted to be aligned with this excellent initiative. APC will give aspiring pilots a greater insight into not just the multiple benefits of pursuing a career as an airline pilot but additionally the indicative assessment process that may identify suitability at an early stage and determine that the individual may make a more informed decision as to whether to pursue this career”

APC registration and membership is available at www.theairlinepilotclub.com/registration.

AFTA services can be reviewed at https://afta.ie/why-afta/

For more information on APC visit: www.theairlinepilotclub.com

For more information on AFTA visit: https://afta.ie/

Captain Andy O’Shea is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Chairman of the EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group and is widely regarded as a leader in the pilot training industry. He is an experienced Airline Pilot, Instructor, Senior Examiner, and airline pilot training manager. He has been a professional pilot for 40 years.

Captain Petter Hornfeldt has been an Airline Pilot for 17 years. He is a senior Line Training Captain, Type Rating Instructor and Examiner with more than 14 years of airline training experience.

During the last 4 years, Petter has created an aviation social media community revolving around his Youtube channel, Mentour Pilot. Petter is passionate about helping new pilots achieve their dreams through high quality training and mentorship.

Captain Mark J Casey is an experienced airline pilot for over 30 years and is a current type rating instructor on the B737.Additionally he is currently rated on the B757 and B767 .

An EASA Senior examiner and Irish Government Transport ministry aviation working group member (Current member) he brings a wealth of experience to AFTA as CEO and Head of Training.