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Hi all, welcome back!

We’re getting so close now to the goal, I can’t wait. Lately I’ve been working hard on the preparation for the Ryanair assessment, this involves several aspects: the HR interview, the technical interview, and the simulator assessment. I’ll discuss each of these below, the preparation I did for them and the support that AFTA offers with this preparation.

The HR interview is largely focused on the individual candidate’s skills, experience etc. But further to these there are Ryanair specific questions. In advance of the interview and the preparation, I have prepared answers for these questions and more. The preparation is focused on mentioning key points as opposed to learning off a script. This ensures I say everything I want to say and don’t miss anything on the day.

The technical interview is tricky also. This interview preparation brings in knowledge from a few places but mainly the ATPLs. I had to brush up on my ATPLs as it’s been a few months since I finished. Further to these, we’re required to know the technical details of all the aircraft we flew during training, and finally a basic knowledge of the Boeing 737-800 and 737-8200 aircraft. Similar to my HR interview preparation, I have prepared bullet point answers to some sample questions.

AFTA provides guidance and mock interviews for these which are a great help! This allows the flow of questions and answers to begin and confidence to build. Through the mock interviews, we’re put on the spot to answer questions as they come up and build resilience to unexpected questions, so that on the day nothing throws us off too much. There is so much more to answering these questions than just the words that we’re saying. This is all worked through in the mock interviews.

Preparation for the technical and HR interview was not done quickly, it’s completed over several weeks and should be in a confident position prior to application. The document of notes I have for this is long and thorough but has helped me greatly.

Finally the simulator preparation. AFTA gives graduates the opportunity to return to the B737 simulator to practice prior to the assessment day. Again, this process should not be rushed and you need to be in a confident position prior to ever submitting an application.

The simulator preparation runs through potential scenarios that can come up on the day. We start with being presented with an airport that we’ll be operating from. We don’t know where it is in advance. AFTA can give any airport in the Ryanair network, as this is what can happen on the assessment day. The goal is to build resilience and be able to adapt to anything that comes our way. Generally the flight preparation we do is we fly a Standard Instrument Departure (SID), do some upper air work, then complete an approach and landing. Some more non normal scenarios can be presented on the day. It is hard to know what the Ryanair assessment team will give us so a broad range of preparation is covered.

The preparation provided by AFTA is valuable, and has put me in a much improved position from when I began. I am now at a stage where I will be applying to Ryanair in the hope of passing their assessment. Fingers crossed!