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Hi All, welcome back. I’ve done it! I took the leap and went for the assessment. To be honest I was nervous going in on the day, but nerves are normal from all candidates, so the Ryanair assessment team are all very nice and make everyone feel at ease.

The day begins with an introduction to the day’s proceedings. The HR team speak to us about the interview, and the instructors speak to us about the simulator assessment. I was paired with another candidate after this initial briefing, and we were given some time to get to know one another, but also to discuss the upcoming simulator assessment.

Having been given the airport we were flying from, we briefed together for it. We discussed everything from the take off, the climb through the SID, and the approach to landing or go around. This time is invaluable, as we don’t know one another before this, but at the same time, we are following the same SOPs, so we have a mutual understanding of the other’s ability prior to sitting in the flight deck. The simulator assessment went well for us, and we supported each other as required.

Following the simulator, we went for our interviews. These are of course done individually, not with your partner, but they were one after the other. The interviewers are the same team from the introduction before, and the instructor in the simulator, this puts us at ease with familiar faces. The interview can be challenging, but I felt it went well for me, and my preparation really paid off.

Thankfully I have been successful, and will be beginning my type rating with Ryanair in the coming months. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given by AFTA and Ryanair. Looking forward to starting now, and I will hopefully see you in the skies soon