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Ciao a tutti!! 😊

On the 10th of October I finished my Line Training! 🥳

For the last few sectors before that I flew with the same line training captain who finally decided I was ready and released me for the line check.

That day I flew Alicante – Eindhoven – Marseille – Eindhoven – Alicante, four sectors.

It was an eventful day: there was low visibility in Eindhoven and we almost had to divert. We had a disruptive passenger on board who was offloaded by the police. On top of that it was my birthday. 😅

I was quite nervous but in the end it went very well. I was very happy and satisfied.

After that I kept flying in Alicante on the line with normal captains. I enjoyed that very much. From Alicante Ryanair has many destinations, it was interesting and instructive to fly to and from all of them.

At the beginning of December I also had my very first sim check in the training center in Stansted. It was the first time back into the sim after type rating and I didn’t know what to expect.

There are two sim checks with a training session a year for everyone.

This one time it was one day of training and one day of proper exam.

I started studying and preparing for it some time earlier. In my opinion they were two challenging days but also very interesting and useful, especially the training day.

The captain I was paired with was super nice and very helpful. Also the instructor and the examiner were very prepared, polite and accommodating.

Post exam

From the beginning of January, I was transferred back to Milan Malpensa where I was based as cabin crew three years ago. The base has changed and has expanded a lot since I was here: almost double the number of aircraft and crew, and more destinations. Half of the fleet is composed of the new Max aircraft, very cool!

I am super happy to be back home and working with many old colleagues and friends.

Sometimes I feel like I am daydreaming, I can’t believe I made it here in less than three years. Of course, there have been challenging moments, but so far I have enjoyed every single moment of the job and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this adventure will bring! ✈️