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Hello everyone!

I am back sharing my experience, luckily much sooner than expected!

Once I finished my training I went back home to Italy and looked for a job. For a couple of months I worked as a postman in my town post office, although not my dream job I was very thankful I found something in such a difficult time.

As a Ryanair mentored student I was guaranteed a fast tracked final assessment with Ryanair but in order to book in for this assessment you need to have all your paperwork ready.

This includes

  • A CV: A CV for a an airline differs from a regular CV and is only usually one page. Thankfully my school provided me with a template and helped me prepare this
  • Passport: Make sure it is in date.
  • Valid EASA Licence: Once finished your training you must meet with the Training and Compliance Manager who helps you prepare your paperwork to submit to the Irish Aviation Authority for your CPL to be issued.  Valid Medical Class 1, ATPL results from the regulatory Authority, Flight School Report signed by the Head of Training, your APS MCC Certificate, your AUPRT Certificate and an English Language Proficiency Certificate.

In order to be prepared for the assessment I decided to move back to Ireland so I would have time to start the AFTA Graduate Development Programme (a programme to help students prepare for their airline assessment) as I wanted to be 100% ready for it and avoid rushing especially with changing travel restrictions because of Covid.

Atlantic Flight Academy (AFA) contacted me immediately after submitting my application as I was a mentored student and the first part of my assessment consisted of completing a reduced number of required psychological and psychometric tests in line with the new EASA regulation CAT.GEN.MPA.175. As a mentored student thankfully, you are not required to complete the full battery of assessments that another applicant would have to do, as you have completed an assessment with your flight school.

Once I passed these, I received the invitation to the interview. I had two weeks to prepare so I was happy I didn’t have to rush, however naturally I was nervous as I knew how close I was to achieving my dream and how important this final assessment was.

I started the Graduate Development Programme with AFTA. It is structured in three parts: simulator sessions, human resources interview prep and technical interview prep.

Sim sessions are completed in the Boeing 737 simulator. Captain Richard Macilwraith, the instructor I had, is simply amazing: knowledgeable, professional and puts you at ease. He understands your personal needs, focuses the lesson on those and gets you very well prepared.

I was also able to observe other mentored cadets who were called for assessment in their simulator sessions and I think it is another great opportunity to observe and learn.

HR prep is completed with an Aviation HR Specialist Suzanne, who is great and will prepare you very well. It consists of two mock interviews with directions and advice so you are ready to face the real thing. In my opinion it is very useful!

Tech prep is super important to be able to focus on the most important things airlines usually ask and to have a general review of everything you need to study. I think it is also important to practice answering questions and explaining different subjects face to face.

In general, review your ATPLs, know the aircraft you flew and study their Pilot Operating Handbook (POH).

I think the Graduate Development Programme is very useful and vital to be ready and confident and I think AFTA really does a great job in getting everyone to a very high standard.

Time went by fast and before I knew it I was on the bus to Dublin with my friend Carlos another Ryanair mentored cadet from AFTA. We stayed the night in a hotel nearby to be ready for the assessment the next morning.

Ready for the assessment! (I am smiling but I was actually quite nervous!)

By 8.30am we were sitting in the hall in Ryanair HQ. There were four of us: Carlos, two other students from different schools and I.

Everyone in Ryanair was nice, friendly and really tried to put us at ease.

After a HR presentation and a SIM briefing, we were divided into two pairs.

I went first for the HR and technical interview which were conducted together with a member of HR and the sim examiner.

Once my partner was done with his interview, we started our flight in the simulator, switching between pilot flying and pilot monitoring.

At 12.30pm we were finished!

A few days later (the longest ever…) I received the all important email where I was told I passed. My heart skipped a beat, I was so happy and satisfied, all the hard work paid off!

Now I am back in Italy, preparing all the paperwork to start Type Rating in Bergamo on the 22nd of March and studying to get ready for it. I look forward to sharing my continued Ryanair mentored journey with you in future blogs when I commence my Type Rating.

Ciao, Beatrice.