AFTA Graduate – Beatrice Secchi Ryanair Type Rating Blog

Hello everybody! 😊

I have finally started my Type Rating with Ryanair. 🤩

On the 22nd of March me and my course ( 11 other people) had an introduction day with the Head of Training at East Midlands Training Centre and our ground school mentor. We were explained all about the course, base and line training.

Day one! 😁 >

Due to Covid most of the theory has been online. Nevertheless lessons were engaging and interactive.

We first had two interesting days of Crew Resource Management training.

We then started 11 days of self studying (plus the weekends) in which we focused on three main subjects: technical, standard operating procedures and operations. Every day we had a plan to follow on the Ryanair e-learning platform. We were given a lot of materials such as manuals, presentations, videos and Boeing CBTs (interactive presentations about all the 737-800 systems). At the end of each section there were quizzes to help test your knowledge and to review.

After that we had a week of online lessons: systems refresher, SOP, Safety and emergency procedure and performance + weight and balance.

All the instructors were nice and patient and lessons were useful and interesting.

On Monday 19th of April me and six other people from my course (Mainly French and Italian) started in Bergamo Training Centre. The rest of the students on the course went to EMT. We had a very busy week! Almost every day we had an exam: tech, Standard operating procedures, performance and weight and balance, security, dangerous goods and lastly safety and emergency procedures.

In general the exams required a lot of studying, exercise and attention during class, however I think it was manageable with good organization and determination. For sure, the APS MCC helped massively to be ready for all this and I am sure it will help in the sim!

Also, together with my sim partner (we will be paired up for the rest of the training), we had three sessions of flight management system and operations trainer in which we learnt the basics on how to set up and use the FMS and all the ground procedures and scan flows.

On Friday and Saturday we had lessons on safety and emergency procedures, practical fire training and aircraft familiarization.

For the practical fire training we had to wear fire gloves and a PPE (hood providing oxygen) and find and extinguish a fire in a mock up cabin.

< Here is the mock up cabin for practical fire training.

For aircraft familiarization we went onboard a training aircraft in the training center hangar and looked at flight deck windows and emergency equipment, we opened and closed doors and over wing emergency exits, armed and disarmed the slides, etc…

We also got to slide down one of them! 😁

< Onboard during aircraft familiarization with some fellow cadets. 🙂

Now we have a couple of days to get ready for the sim sessions! They require a lot of preparation and studying but I am very excited and looking forward to starting! ✈️