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AFTA Graduate – Beatrice Secchi Ryanair Type Rating Blog

Ciao a tutti! 😁

I am writing just a couple of days away from Line Training… time has really flown by, I can’t believe I am here!

In the last blog I talked about the first part of the type rating, made mostly of theory and exams… here is the rest:

Simulator sessions were divided in two main parts: one on the fixed base and the other on the full motion simulator.

The first, on the fixed base is composed of 12 lessons which are mostly focused on getting  proficient with ground and inflight normal procedures, briefings and checklists; non normal procedures, emergencies, memory items and QRH usage. Also, on being confident in using the Flight Management System and Autopilot Flight Director System.

Generally we had a 4 days on – 4 days off schedule. Day 4 was always a progress check.

Each day the session was 2 hours and every day we were either pilot flying or pilot monitoring switching with the partner.

All lessons were preceded by an hour and a half briefing and followed by a debriefing.

The second part on the full motion sim is composed of 8 sessions of 4 or 5 hours each, so you are both PF and PM on the same day.

Main focus was on manual handling. We practiced a lot of takeoffs, approaches and landings. Also upsets recoveries and emergencies. All of this while consolidating everything we had learned during fix based.

For me personally it was the most challenging part, the satisfaction of getting better and better and finally succeeding was also the biggest.

One of the full motion sim at Bergamo training center

All the instructors were very very good, patient and competent. The program is very well structured and we had plenty of great material to study on.

Thanks to all this we got to the final skill test very well prepared!

The test started with a long briefing in which the examiner explained to me and my sim partner everything about the flight and what it was expected from us. After we had a 4 hr sim session in which we did 2 hrs each as PF and PM.

I was delighted when I was told I had passed 🤩

Skill test

After this we flew to the East Midlands Training Center.

Here we did ditching training: in a swimming pool we had to swim to the end of the pool, wear a life jacket and do a rescue exercise in pairs.

In preparation for Base Training we had some “preliminary circuit training” in the sim.

Base training was a few days later… one of the most amazing feelings of my entire life. 🤩

I was quite nervous, but once I laid my hands on the controls I was able to relax and enjoy. The Base Training captain was great and really helpful.

We were 4 cadets and each of us did 5 touch and goes, a go around and a full stop landing.

Lastly I did my Max Differences Training: an extensive e-learning and a sim session at Stansted Training Center, which I really enjoyed.

Max sim in London Stansted

In just a few days I will start line training in Alicante in Spain.

I am very excited about it and looking forward to starting! 😁