Buongiorno a tutti! 🙂

This big smile on my face was right after I passed my PPL skill test! I was so happy and satisfied, another “small” step forward!

The exam is preceded by a mock test in which you go through almost everything you have learned with flying lessons, briefings and ground school. You have to demonstrate you are ready for the real thing.

The test is composed of two major parts: Before you start your flight, on the ground  you present your flight planning and in which you are asked questions about different topics such as aircraft technical systems, weather, map reading,  the second part is the flight test. This consists of navigation, diversion, basic instrument flight, emergency procedures, circuits, different type of approaches etc.

As usual before a test, I was quite nervous, but thankfully everything went well and now I just need get my official licence from the IAA (the Irish Aviation Authority)!

See you soon beautiful views… now it’s time to concentrate on theory.

Speaking of theory, at the beginning of September I started the infamous ATPLs.

It is intense but manageable.

Basically there are 14 subjects in total, divided in three rounds. This time we are going to study Visual and Instrument Flight Communication, Radio and General Navigation and Principles of Flight.

Lessons are everyday at the academy from 9am to 4pm. Generally the instructor teaches one subject at the time. Once home I generally review what we have done in class, study the books and practice test questions.

Here we are in class!

I am just a the beginning so I cannot tell you much else at the moment, next chapter I will be able to tell you more about the exams.

Also this month there was the AFTA end of summer party! Very nice! It was an evening out together organised by the school in the city. It’s great to get the chance to spend some time having fun with other students 🙂

That’s all for now! See you next month with some more ATPL info! 🙂