AFTA & Six West Student Aviation Initiative

Ireland is at the forefront of global aviation. Nurturing and retaining young talent on our shores is a vital part of maintaining Ireland’s continued success and its position as a global leader in the industry. Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and innovative ideas, whilst viewing failure as a springboard for further development, are key to our success, not only in aviation but as a nation in 21st century Europe.

Talented, trained and dedicated people are what drove Ireland’s achievements to date and they remain a key ingredient for the country to maintain its competitive edge in an increasingly globalised environment.

As aviation professionals working in Ireland, we want to be part of the drive to encourage students to consider a future in aviation, by making them aware of the incredible career prospects that aviation offers and the variety of training programmes available to them.

In collaboration with Six West,we are excited to support the next generation of Irish aviators through a Student Initiative competition, designed to create awareness about the thriving aviation industry in Ireland and to encourage students to consider a career in this field.

The prizes, which have been sponsored by AFTA and guarantee an unforgettable day out for the winners, include a simulator training lesson on a Boeing 737/800, followed by a flying lesson.  Each prize has been carefully chosen to give the two lucky winners real insight into becoming a pilot and the opportunity to meet and talk to AFTA’s experienced instructors.

Who can enter the competition?

  • Students from transition year to sixth year

Competition submissions:

  • A 3 to 5 minute video on any aviation-related topic, that clearly showcases passion and motivation for a future career in the industry
  • Video entries shall be uploaded via Google Drive from the 30 September 2019 until the 8 January 2020. Late entries will not be considered.
  • Please share your Google Drive submission video link to info@sixwestservices.com.
  • Please familiarise yourselves with the competition’s Terms and Conditions.

What are the judges looking for?

A genuine love for the industry combined with an innovative approach to the challenges facing aviation today. We are looking for students capable of presenting concepts and ideas that push established boundaries and spark conversations and debate amongst Ireland’s industry leaders.