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Our people are our most important asset here at AFTA. We are always on the lookout for talent to join our growing team.

If you are considering a role we have to offer and would like to learn more we would love to hear from you.

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Daniele Cioccolo Testimonial

I started my career in aviation as a flight instructor in May 2014.  Once qualified I worked with different training organisations, which allowed me to increase my baggage of experience and to teach students of different cultures.

At a point in my life I decided it was the right moment for my career to take off!  Through my research, I found AFTA and within hours I got a response to my application, inviting me for an interview in Cork.  The people were helpful and friendly. They answered all my questions and took me for a tour of their installations.  I immediately recognised AFTA was the right place for me.

Teaching cadets of prestigious airlines and the demanding meteorological conditions are just some points which makes AFTA a unique environment in Europe. I met passionate and professional people with a treasure of knowledge. From day one I received their support and assistance, sharing with me their experience which helped me throughout my training flights.

I still look back on my days as an instructor with great pride.  It was a rewarding and fantastic experience.

I really enjoyed my time at AFTA. I learned things I never would have had the opportunity to experience elsewhere. Teaching others teaches you things about yourself. If you are considering taking a job as an instructor at AFTA, I would strongly recommend you go for it!

Robbie Wevers Testimonial

My name is Robbie Wevers. I am 26 years old and from the Netherlands. I am currently a first officer working for Ryanair. Before getting my job with Ryanair I completed my flight instructor course with AFTA before joining them as a flight instructor in April of 2016. Working for AFTA has been an invaluable experience for me and has taught me numerous valuable lessons which have helped me secure my FO position at Ryanair. A few of the main things I have gained from working for AFTA is confidence and experience in handling an aircraft. I have also improved my decision-making skills. With the weather sometimes being a bit unpredictable in Cork, it really forces you to plan ahead and be prepared to make quick on the spot decisions. The progression within AFTA is good and there are always opportunities to grow. I started off as a Junior FI in AFTA and quickly progressed to intermediate FI and was Offered the position of IR rated FI just before leaving. I would highly recommend AFTA as a place to work, not only is the work fun and very enjoyable you are surrounded by great people who are all willing to help and make you feel right at home.

Stephan Graef Testimonial

My name is Stephan Graef and I was a Flight Instructor with Atlantic Flight Training Academy in Cork.  Once I completed my basic Flight Training I had a massive interest in becoming an Instructor with AFTA.  During my time as a student at AFTA, the Instructors and staff could not have been more helpful or accommodating.  The school environment was personal, friendly, approachable and something I wanted to be a part of going forward in my career.

I researched the Flight Instructor Course Atlantic had to offer and signed up straight away.  I felt like it would be a great challenge to take on the course as I only had 230 hours at that point, but from already being at the school I knew the Instructors and management would go out of their way to help me along.  The course is very well structured, including slowly introducing me to flying in the right-hand seat as opposed to the left-hand seat in basic training.  Again, it was all new to me, but I can’t stress enough the level of instruction I got from the senior instructors.  They made it very enjoyable and after a while I felt at home in the right seat.  The classroom briefs were similar.  The thought of standing up in front of a class of students was daunting but the instructor SOP’s and content given to me by AFTA were a great guide.  I completed the course and was delighted to be offered a position as an instructor for AFTA.

I met with my first few students and from the get go I knew the Instructor path was the right choice.  Although every day was different to the next, I relished meeting students from all over the world with completely different backgrounds and cultures.  It opened my eyes to the industry and environment I was going into, relying on my MCC/CRM course from basic training.  No two students were the same.  Some were very shy, some were very confident, and it was my job as the instructor to get the best out of each and every student.  There were times I found this difficult, but the environment and people at AFTA made it so easy for me to approach more senior and junior instructors to get advice on certain situations I encountered.  I feel that AFTA students and instructors are so good at what they do because of this team environment.  As commercial pilots we are taught to deal with situations as a team and I feel having that attitude from day one of your basic training will put you on the right track to a bright future within the aviation industry.

Overall, I cannot recommend AFTA enough as an employer.

Progression is at your door step in AFTA if you’re willing to put in the work and accept an enjoyable challenge to expand your aviation career.  I personally am very grateful for everything I learned at AFTA and the great opportunities they presented to me!

Jorge Bautista Testimonial

Talking about AFTA means talking about good memories, challenges, learning and constant improvement. My name is Jorge and I joined AFTA as a flight instructor almost 2 years ago. I took this decision driven by the idea of becoming a better flight instructor; I researched some of the best academies around the world, and AFTA was there…the other thing that led my feet to this flight school was my love of Ireland, and the idea of discovering this lovely country from the sky. Without a doubt, it was a great decision! I must admit, moving from Spain, being used to the Spanish weather was challenging at the beginning, but “Meteorology” was always one of my favourite subjects, so I was more than pleased with the challenge.

I really enjoyed my time there. AFTA is a kind of family, with very supportive and kind people. I enjoyed every single flight, learning so much from every area surrounding the operation (instructors, operations, students, ATC, weather…), while discovering lovely places from the sky – my hobby was discovering places, marking them on a map, and after that going there with my car ?).

If you want to become a good or better flight instructor, this place is really worth it! Very good SOPs, focused on the learning and teaching process, focused on “creating” great and safe pilots. If you are a student and you are thinking of becoming a pilot, my advice is the same.

Like everywhere in the aviation industry, there is a constant process of improvement and AFTA is very open to change. I made several suggestions which were implemented; the Academy are in a constant process of being a Top Flight School.

Coming from abroad, Ireland gave me lots of incredible memories I won’t ever forget. I really enjoyed my time in AFTA and in Ireland… life continues, and now I’m continuing with my professional career as a pilot, always remembering my stay there. A quote I love for those trying to decide of becoming instructors or pilots (and for life in general) is “your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly!”

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