Tomás Curran

My name is Tomás Curran and I completed the integrated course in Atlantic Flight Training Academy in April 2018.

From a very young age the only aspiration I had was to become a pilot. During secondary school there were no subjects that appealed to me in any way as much as pilot training did. In transition year I had a few introductory flights in AFTA and this confirmed for me that pilot training was 100% what I wanted to do.

During 5th and 6th year, I investigated around to find the best integrated course for me and in the end it was a simple decision that AFTA was the place for me. The fleet of Cessna 172s and Piper Seneca along with the challenge of operating out of an International Airport really helped sell the school to me.

The instructor standard in AFTA is sky high and it really sets you up to be more than ready for the CPL, MEIR tests and any future interviews. With the ever changing weather in Cork, you also get the opportunity to fly in real life IFR conditions which you probably would never get a chance to in flight schools abroad. This really does prepare you for your future as an airline pilot.

The MCC/JOC at AFTA is of a very high standard. It’s a great step from single pilot operations to Multi Crew and I was amazed at how fast I started to pick up all the procedures and techniques on how to fly the Boeing 737. By the end of the course I felt confident in my abilities to fly the jet and also my interpersonal skills to work in a Multi Crew environment.

After completing my course, AFTA didn’t stop helping me. I was given some interview preparations with the AFTA HR team, and they also helped me make my CV look more professional. They put me through an interview as it would be, with many questions covered to really have me prepared for my Ryanair assessment and interview. I also did sim preparation in the days running up to my interview with Mark Casey and Pat Harris. Their experience and help really went a long way to having me prepared to a very high standard and confident walking into the Ryanair headquarters on the day of my assessment.

I couldn’t recommend AFTA enough to any aspiring pilots as they give you all the help you need. I was an 18 year old with little flying experience and no theory knowledge when I started my course. I only had dreams.

I am about to start a career with one of Europe’s largest Airlines, Ryanair and I believe I wouldn’t be in this position without Mark Casey and the team from AFTA.

Tomás Curran