Aurélien Billari

In February 2023, I started my CPL, MEIR, and MCC training at AFTA. After a warm welcome, the flight training kicked off promptly due to the good availability of both instructors and aircrafts. Throughout my training, I found the instructors to be highly professional and committed to helping me progress, allowing me to enhance my strengths and address my weaknesses. I was actively supported while improving my non-technical skills and my overall situational awareness, and the challenging weather conditions at Cork, contributed to improving my handling skills.

Upon completing my CPL and MEIR training, I took some time to prepare for the Ryanair Mentored (gateway 2) before starting the APS-MCC phase. This part of the training was demanding, as it’s a major step towards transitioning to airline ops and jet aircraft and therefore requires some preparation before actually entering the simulator.

Following the MCC in August 2023, I dedicated time to prepare for the Ryanair Assessment. When I applied, I received within two weeks an invitation for the assessment in Dublin. Subsequently, I completed the Graduate Development Programme, a crucial step in readying myself for the HR interview, technical interview, and simulator assessment. Thanks to this preparation, I felt fully ready during the assessment and succeeded with another AFTA student who underwent the assessment on the same day. I am set to commence my Type Rating on the Boeing 737 next month, and I owe a great deal of gratitude to AFTA for this achievement, many thanks again!

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Alessandro Silvestri 

“In AFTA I have been trained by different and well-prepared instructors who equipped me with the tools to grow as a pilot. The challenging weather conditions I encountered provided me with a strong foundation for my flying skills and also it let me enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Emerald Isle, a great location to do your training in. If you aim to work in Ryanair, the third biggest airline in the world, you need sharp skills and solid knowledge, all things you can expect to find in AFTA, the flight school where you will be part of the next generation of Ryanair pilots.”

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Yvan Beaufils

I was a modular student when I joined AFTA holding a French PPL, the reason that motivated me to join AFTA was the fact that Irland was the only native English speaking doing EASA licences plus I was having good feedback from the school (that’s how I head about it).

I did my ATPL at AFTA, came back to France and did my hours building, came back for CPL MEIR, APS MCC and Airline prep.

I was happy with my flying train as the aircraft and the instructors were always available which allow me to get my licences quickly.

As I was already looking forward to join Ryanair Group I apply for the gateway 2 to be on the mentored program before starting MCC.

MCC went well and allow me to acquire good standard which was helpful for the airline prep and Ryanair Assessment.

The assessment went smoothly as I was well prepared through airline prep and my own studies.

I would recommend AFTA for people looking to join a flight Training school.

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Reuben Smith

After attending Pilot Careers Live in Dublin and speaking to the representative’s at AFTA, I knew from that moment, AFTA was the right flight school for me. I then joined AFTA’S AB-Initio Ryanair Mentored Programme, were from day one of joining I was made to feel at home and welcomed. AFTA is well known for their high levels of training, in which I greatly benefited from. With instructors who are passionate and knowledgeable, great facilities, young and well maintained fleet as well as a great learning environment, which sets you up for the best possible start to your career in the aviation industry. Furthermore, with Ryanair incorporated SOPs and teachings throughout the course and later on with the Ryanair Mentored APS MCC and the Graduate Development Programme, it truly makes sure that your are prepared for the airline assessment, with the team at AFTA providing you with all the information needed and going beyond the requirements needed, giving you the confidence in securing a job with the airline in which I can proudly say I have. I would like to thank the whole team at AFTA for their support and guidance throughout the course and can undoubtedly say that the whole team go the extra mile and would highly recommend AFTA to anyone who wants to fulfil their dream of becoming a pilot.

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Albert Brown Testimonial

I recently completed my training at Atlantic Flight Training Academy in October 2023, after joining as a Gateway 1 student on the Ryanair mentored programme in July 2023 and I can’t express enough how exceptional the experience was. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. The well-maintained fleet of aircraft ensured a seamless learning process. The camaraderie among students created a supportive learning environment, making each lesson enjoyable. I successfully obtained my licence sooner than I anticipated, thanks to AFTA’s commitment to excellence. AFTA has very high training standards which serves students well as they progress. This allowed a seamless transition through to the APS-MCC, which has some of the best instructors I have ever worked with. Overall, AFTA is a phenomenal institution and I would highly recommend to prospective students.

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Nathan Cullen Testimonial

 I joined AFTA’s Ab-Initio Ryanair Mentored Programme in November 2021 with no previous flying experience .

AFTA’s high quality instruction, modern fleet of aircraft and a fantastic learning environment allowed me to pass all my flight tests and theoretical knowledge exams first time within 18 months.

The team at AFTA go above and beyond to get the best out of you and this is evident at the Graduate Development Programme/ Airline Assessment Prep phase. They keep in contact and get you prepared to a high level for all aspects of the interview and assessment process. I would highly recommend the instructors and staff at AFTA and the graduate development programme that they offer. 

Dan Straum Testimonial

My time in AFTA was a very steep learning curve, even before I enrolled! I did preparations home before enrolling,
to also be able to cope up with the intense and interesting subject of the B737 and all its systems.

In AFTA, we had really experienced and motivated teachers, who had just the right knowledge to get you proficient
and to get you up to speed with the high standard needed to become a Ryanair pilot, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Isaac Pissarro Testimonial

I started my training with AFTA on the Ryanair Mentored Programme in October 2020 and finished in May 2022. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with AFTA. It was a great learning environment with positive, friendly instructors who always encouraged us to push our limits and fly to the best of our ability with a mindset of moving into a commercial aircraft cockpit. The AFTA team was always very helpful with any issues we may have had in all aspects of our training. 

I availed of the Graduate Development Programme in preparation for my Ryanair assessment. Once again everyone was very helpful, with the HR, technical and simulator parts of the assessment all being covered in depth. Looking back I feel I was very well prepared for the assessment thanks to AFTA’s up to date Graduate Development Programme. 

AFTA Training Programme - 2023

Shaun Traviss Testimonial

I recently completed my training with AFTA as a Ryanair Mentored Program Cadet. My training included a multi engine CPL, ME/IR, APS MCC and AUPRT training in order to convert my ICAO South African ATPL into an EASA IAA CPL.

AFTA is a world class flight school with state-of-the-art aircraft, simulators and support structures. The instructors are extremely professional and the staff take personal interest in ensuring that your training progresses smoothly and efficiently.

The Ryanair Mentored Program that AFTA offers includes an Airline Prep Course and this, together with the APS MCC course, were instrumental in me being successful during my Ryanair Interview. 

I am extremely grateful to AFTA and all its staff for the excellent training I received and for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a Ryanair Cadet. Thank you!

AFTA Training Programme - 2022

Joseph Aquilina Testimonial

Having completed the Ryanair Mentored Programme – Gateway 2 at AFTA I can gladly say that the course was very well structured with a clear programme which was very professionally executed. All of the instructors had very good knowledge of the aircraft and SOPs.
The support given to the students is second to none. All of the staff at AFTA closely follow their students and not just during their course but also during the airline assessment preparation phase.
Overall the experience with AFTA was truly rewarding and also a successful one since I have now been successful in my airline assessment and will soon start my type rating.

AFTA Training Programme - 2022