Frances Quinn

My name is Frances Quinn, I’m an AFTA graduate and First Officer with Ryanair flying out of Dublin.

I visited a number of flight schools before starting my training to try and find the best school for me and after visiting AFTA I knew that it was the school that would suit me best. I completed the assessment back in August 2017. I was a little apprehensive about passing the assessments but having put in some preparation I found that they were very manageable. I commented my training in October 2017 and started into my PPL training. This involved 2 weeks of groundschool with PPL exams and then on to flying the Cessna 172. I then began 6 months of ATPL groundschool in January 2018 and this was followed by CPL and MEIR training in the Piper Seneca aircraft and simulator, with the last part of my training done in the Diamond DA42. This was the most exciting part of my training.

I found the standard of training excellent throughout my time at AFTA, both the theoretical and flying instructors were very helpful in every aspect of the training. I found it very good preparation for the airline industry as a lot of the instructors had airline experience.

I finished in December 2018 with an MCC course in the B737 simulator, and after one month I was very happy to secure and assessment with Ryanair in Dublin. AFTAs connection with Ryanair and the airline industry is very evident with regards to the extremely high standard of training I received and I felt this gave me a huge advantage as an inexperienced cadet starting off my airline career.

Mark and all his staff really went above and beyond to help me get through my training and get me to where I am today. Above all, it was a really enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend AFTA for anyone who is thinking of a career as an airline pilot.