John Hayward

I joined AFTA in August 2023 after my previous flight school went into administration, leaving me without a clear path to continue my training. AFTA stepped in and developed a tailored plan to get me back on track. I completed the course faster than expected and was treated with respect throughout the entire process. I wholeheartedly recommend AFTA to any aspiring pilot. Additionally, I participated in their Graduate Development Programme, which thoroughly prepared me for an airline assessment.

AFTA Training Programme 2024

Lise Blandamour

I did my APS MCC at AFTA and I highly recommend this school. Instructors are very professional, and they get us ready for our future career. The MCC course is structured in a way to make the most of it. The Graduate Development Program really helped me to succeed at the Ryanair interview. All in all, everybody is welcoming and concerned about your success.

APS Training Programme 2024

Maxime Monfolet

It was the best decision I made moving to Ireland with AFTA in order to finish my training, everything seemed obvious, smooth and I felt well surrounded by a really nice, professional and motivated team. My purpose was to join Ryanair, thanks to the mentored program AFTA provided training at a very high standard from the beginning to the line preparation. I highly recommend this ATO and AFTA deserves to be more famous throughout the world. 

Lorenzo Bresciani

AFTA is the perfect place if you want to combine an international experience, where you can learn languages, explore new cultures and develop yourself, with a high standard level of training, professionality, and welcoming environment. The mix of these makes you the perfect commercial pilot, ready to go successfully through your final assessment

Eren Celik

With experienced instructors, a modern fleet of aircraft and structured training programs Atlantic Flight Training Academy ensures top-quality education that suits every aspiring pilot’s needs. Their industry leading Graduate Development Programme provides their cadets with all the knowledge and experience required for success and I am grateful for the solid foundation they provided for my aviation journey. I highly recommend AFTA to anyone interested in becoming a commercial pilot.”

Charlie Buchou

In AFTA, you’ll find instructors with high standards and availability, a modern fleet, and a team of engineers conducting on-site maintenance. This guarantees training to the highest standard without delays or interruptions. Additionally, through the Ryanair mentored program, you’re trained to integrate into Ryanair and you are prepared for the final assessment, providing a definite advantage and leaving no room for surprises.

Jordan Myers

“The quality of training at AFTA is second to none. From top-class instructors, a modern fleet and an on-site engineering team to an excellent airline assessment preparation course.”

Sean Nugent

For my commercial flight training I wanted to attend a school that had a strong affiliation with Ryanair. I chose AFTA as they were renowned for having excellent training and a large advanced fleet which allowed me to swiftly complete my training. AFTA’s meticulous standards and helpful instructors that go above and beyond helped me to attain a position on a 737 type rating.

Damien Kennedy

Studying at Atlantic Flight Training Academy was an exceptional experience that laid the foundation for my journey in aviation to date. The academy’s comprehensive programs for ATPLs, CPL, and MEIR provided me with a solid knowledge base and practical skills necessary to excel in the industry. 

 The MCC APS course at Atlantic Flight Training Academy was a game-changer in my training journey. The course was rigorous and immersive, simulating real-world multi-crew environments and challenges. The hands-on experience and expert guidance from instructors prepared me thoroughly for my type rating and equipped me with the confidence to handle complex flight operations.

 Participating in the Graduate Development Programme at Atlantic Flight Training Academy was a crucial step in my career preparation. The program focused on enhancing not only my technical competencies but also my soft skills and professional development. The tailored guidance, mock interviews, and industry insights provided through the program were instrumental in preparing me for my interview with Emerald Airlines.

 Thanks to the exceptional training and support I received at Atlantic Flight Training Academy, I was able to approach my interview with Emerald Airlines with confidence and readiness. The academy’s commitment to excellence and personalized approach to student development truly set me up for success in securing a position with Emerald Airlines. 

 I am immensely grateful for the enriching experience at Atlantic Flight Training Academy and would highly recommend it to aspiring aviators looking to receive top-tier education and career preparation in the aviation industry.

Seán Stanley

When choosing a flight school for my pilot training, I spent some time researching and comparing different options. After careful consideration, I decided to go with AFTA because of its impressive track record and reputation with various airlines. I often saw Ryanair pilots wearing AFTA/Ryanair lanyards at Dublin Airport, which spoke of AFTA’s success and further cemented my decision to enrol in AFTA for my pilot training and to join the Ryanair Mentored Program.  

Upon arriving at AFTA in October 2022, I knew I had made the right choice. The staff and instructors have been nothing short of exceptional and always available to provide support, whether it be for a difficult subject, honing my flying skills, or just someone to talk to. The course structure is well-designed and provides the platform to ensure success from the get-go. The progression from Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating, to APS MCC was seamless, with each stage building on the skills learned in the previous one.  

Thanks to AFTA, and with my PPL already obtained prior, I was able to complete my training and apply for my Commercial license in just 13 months. This would not have been possible without their state-of-the-art fleet, as well as their own ramp and facilities in Cork and Waterford. Despite the occasional delays due to weather and commercial traffic at Cork Airport (which also enhanced exposure to real-life operations), the Operations team and instructors always managed to get me back on track.  

AFTA’s Graduate Development Programme was instrumental in my success at the interview with Ryanair. This, coupled with the comprehensive and effective training I received from day 1 at the school, prepared me well for this all-important interview. I believe this is a testament to the effectiveness of the training provided by AFTA and will inspire others to pursue similar opportunities. 

I wholeheartedly recommend AFTA to anyone considering a career in aviation.