Buongiorno! 😃

I can’t believe I am almost at the end of ATPL’s, 6 months really flew by!

I was very happy when I received my results of my second round and luckily everything was fine, so now I have the last five subjects left to face.

Flight Planning, Mass and Balance, Performance: three “biggies”, different subjects but closely linked. A whole lot of graphs and basic maths.

Mass and Balance could be classed as the “easiest” among these, as it is basically calculations about the correct loading of the aircraft. I like it!

Flight planning consists of fuel planning, pre-flight and navigation preparation, ATC flight plans, etc. It is vast and there are many different kinds of exercises, from fuel calculations to map reading.

Performance is how aircrafts perform in all the phases of the flight and in different configurations and situations. In this case too a lot of graphs and a good amount of theory, especially on speeds.

Meteorology: At PPL level I used to love it…this time a little less! 😅 It is very interesting and important, however it is a huge amount of information and not always easy to understand.

Human performance: a breath of fresh air!  😅 This subject consists of theory to learn however common sense is very applicable here. It consists in a vast overview on the human physiology, psychology, and how human factors affect aviation. Thankfully recalling biology I learned in school biology has been a huge help!

I personally think this round is the hardest as it consists of both a lot of theory to understand and exercises to practice and learn. Also, it is quite time consuming because of the amount of material to use, namely maps, graphs and tables (which are however very appreciated as they contain a lot of the information needed to answer the exam questions, if correctly used!).

Last week we had consolidations exams for these subjects.

Reviewing in between exams!

Now I have to do the last (fingers crossed 🤞) sprint to the goal and soon enough I’ll be back in the sky! ✈️ 😀