Piotr Szober Testimonial

My name is Piotr, I started my flight training in AFTA in July 2009. Prior to this I had absolutely no experience in aviation and didn’t know anyone in the industry so it was quite an experience! I worked in a full time job to help finance my modular flight training. Nearly 10 years later I still remember flying the left circuit for runway 35 during my first solo flight in a Cessna 172.

In 2012 I became a fully qualified commercial pilot which was in the middle of the recession. It was a challenging time for a newly qualified pilot and recruitment was very different to what it is right now. This was the first time (and by no means the last) when AFTA stepped in and supported me. AFTA offered me a flight instructor job and later helped with multiple upgrades. I progressed through the ranks eventually to become a Senior MEIR Instructor.

The job was highly rewarding both financially and personally. It gave me great satisfaction providing the highest level of professional flight training. I regularly heard very positive feedback from airlines all around the world praising the high standards demonstrated by AFTA graduates. Last but not least, the experience I gained from instructing was very beneificial and the saying “You never really learn something until you teach it” couldn’t be more accurate.

Last year I decided to apply to Ryanair and follow my dream of becoming an airline pilot. Shortly after I received an invitation for an interview. Once again AFTA offered me incredible support to prepare for the interview and the simulator assessment, which I later passed with flying colours.

I am now a fully qualified First Officer in the most successful and dynamic airline in Europe and already looking forward to my Command Upgrade in the near future. For anyone considering starting a career in aviation I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right school. For me AFTA went above and beyond everyone else when it came to training standards, as well as offering support throughout and after my training.

Finally, with all of my heart I would like to thank Mark Casey and all team at AFTA for all the help and support received over the years.


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