AFTA Ryanair Cadets Visit Boeing 737-800 at Cork Airport

Last week cadets on the Ryanair Pilot Mentorship Programme had the opportunity to visit a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 at Cork Airport with Ryanair’s Base Captain, Captain Brian Coomey and First Officer Shane Collins (AFTA graduate). During the visit, students were able to sit in the cockpit as Captain Brian Coomey explained to them the systems and controls. The cadets also had the opportunity to shadow First Officer Shane Collins as he completed a routine pre-flight walk around check of the aircraft.

Micheál Masterson, a student on the Ryanair Pilot Mentorship Programme, commented on the visit:

“It was a great experience to get a thorough show round of the aircraft type we hope to be flying in the near future. I’m used to seeing the cockpit of a 737 from flight sim on the computer but getting to see it first hand was definitely the highlight for me.”

The Ryanair Pilot Mentorship Programme is open to applicants with or without previous flying experience. If you are considering applying for the Ryanair Pilot Mentorship Programme, below are the various options.


Successful ab-initio applicants will undertake an intensive 16-month training programme which gives trainee pilots a structured path to achieve their commercial pilot licence and reach a standard where they are ready to join the Ryanair Boeing 737 type rating programme. Cadets on the Mentored Pilot Programme will be trained by AFTA instructors using Ryanair procedures. Students will receive ongoing one-on-one mentoring from a Ryanair pilot. Ryanair Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), culture and operational philosophy will be indoctrinated in the student from day one of flight training. On successful completion of the programme, the newly qualified commercial pilots will have achieved their frozen ATPL and will gain full time employment as first officers with Ryanair.

Ryanair ab-initio mentorship programme: €83,000.

The programme has 3 additional GATEWAYS to facilitate more experienced pilots.


This is for PPL holders with 100hrs P1 who have also completed all ATPL theoretical exams. Apply to AFTA and pass initial mentorship assessment to be placed on the programme. Please contact us for more information.


CPL, ME/IR and ATPL theory holders can take an AFTA assessment. Successful applicants will be put forward for a Ryanair mentored APS/MCC where Ryanair procedures will be used throughout. Candidates who successfully pass the APS MCC and a final Ryanair assessment will be put forward for a Ryanair Type Rating. Please contact us for more information.


Qualified pilots will be offered a career path with Ryanair and AFTA. Following successful assessment with AFTA & Ryanair individuals will be offered a full time position with AFTA as an instructor for 2 years. Following which they will be fast tracked with Ryanair on a 737 type rating. Applicants that choose this career path will continue to follow Ryanair’s instructor career path with the airline and can expect to become Ryanair SFI’s & training Captains once qualification criteria are met. Please contact us for more information.

Ryanair offers unparalleled career opportunities for new pilots with:

  • Industry leading training standards and success rates
  • The best rosters in European Aviation – 5 days on followed by 4 days off
  • Huge earning potential (up to €200k on to Captain within 4-5 years)
  • 86 Bases across 37 countries
  • Young modern fleet

Click here to apply for the Ryanair Pilot Mentorship Programme

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