Ciao a tutti!! 😊

Happy New year, it was great to get home, see family and friends and relax a little over Christmas before the third and last round of ATPLs.

In my first round of subjects (ATPLs are typically split into three rounds, over a six month period) I completed five exams. Before doing official IAA exams, you first must complete consolidations (in-house exams), to assess and ensure you ready for the official exams.

For the official exams, IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) inspectors come to the school on set days and students take the exams in different times and groups.The ATPL exams here in Ireland are currently composed of multiple choice questions, each subject has a different number of questions and a set time available to complete the test. All your exams are completed on computers.

When I receive the email with my results my heart always skips a beat before opening it!

After completing these five subjects I started the second round of lessons, this time we studied four subjects: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Aircraft General Knowledge and Instrumentation.

They are all important subjects with detailed content. Air Law and Operations require you to memerise a lot of theory off by heart. I found I preferred Instrumentation and Aircraft General Knowledge much more as they require more reasoning and understanding.

Just like in the first round we had consolidations first and the official exams a week later. Normally between the two we have some time for self study and revision in school.

Study group!

Earlier in November AFTA organized one of their seminars to inform potential new students, more about the academy and courses. This time was a little more special as it was addressed specifically to women! We make up only 5% of professional pilots worldwide so I think is very important to promote these kind of events. Other female students, an AFTA graduate who is now an Aer Lingus pilot, and I shared our experience in front of young, aspiring ladies.

Also, in December we had a very nice AFTA Christmas party 🎉

Now let’s see what is waiting for us for the rest of 2020!