Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m writing just after consolidations!

They are in house tests made to check if you are ready for the official exams.

All integrated students must take them and have to pass them in order to sit the IAA exams. In case of failing the first time everyone has a second chance to resit the test a few days later.

Luckily for me I passed everything first time so I was able to take a couple of days to completely relax!

This calm will not last long however… In just a week we will sit the real exams: IAA examiners will come to the school and be split across different days. We’ll sit the exams for which we have successfully passed the consolidation! So back to the books real soon!

This round is composed of 5 subjects:

Visual and Instrument Flight Communication – it is actually two different exams but very similar to each other! They are not hard but be careful not to underestimate them!

Principles of Flight – I find it really interesting and I like it! Some topics can be a little tricky and there is a big amount of formulas to remember, but with some patience and studying it is feasible!

Radio Navigation – the one that I like the least. Some parts are very important but I personally think that some other parts go into too much detail…this doesn’t mean I put less effort in studying it, actually I probably had to work even harder as some stuff just didn’t want to stick to my head!

General Navigation – it is probably the most feared subject of this round. It is tough, and surely not the most practical, but I like it. It’s a motivating challenge! Some parts are interesting and once you understand the basics a lot of exercises are much easier than they seem! Some others will just remain logic mysteries!

..minutes of terror just before Principles of Flight (POF) test..

..and nervous smile..

..happiness afterwards! Time to celebrate!

In the next blog I will be able to write about the official exams! Stay tuned! 🙂