Student Blog Part 3 – Beatrice Secchi – Ryanair Mentored Programme

Ciao everybody!

Here we go again with the latest update from my training!

After my first solo circuit I continued flying to finish my solo flying hours!

I have really enjoyed my solo flights I’ve completed so far, you feel a real sense of excitement and achiement flying on your own and landing safely.

In between these flights I also had to do checkouts flights with an instructor. These check out flights ensure a student is able to advance to the next stages of training (e.g. circuits, general handling, single navigation and 150 nm triangle navigation). They are not official flight tests but you need to complete them to enure you are ready to progress.

Triangle navigation checkout

I was able to do most of my solo flights in Waterford airport. Here I am visiting the control tower:

It was very interesting to speak to the controller and to see what goes on on the other side of the radio!

This month my classmates and I had two really interesting visitors.

The first visitor was with the famous YouTube pilot, ‘Mentour Pilot’,  who came to visit AFTA  to help answers questions for his viewers on his YouTube chanel.  While he was here he gave us a great talk about flight training and we also had the opportunity to ask him questions about his career and flight training.

I was really lucky as I got the chance to have a mini lesson in the AFTA 737 simulator with him! He then talked me through how to complete a circuit….all I can say is I tried my best!

You can check out his video with our CEO & Head of Training here:

I had never been in the Boeing 737  sim before and it really was a great experience, the simulator graphics are very impressive, I also learned this simulator was purpose built for AFTA from a retired American aircraft . Next time I see it will probably be for my APS MCC training.

The second meeting was with Ryanairs Pilot Recruitement Officer Mr.Colm Judge. Colm explained the selection and the training process and gave us an overview of the the career opportunities we will have!

I think both meetings were interesting and also very beneficial for our morale and spirits: when you are working and studying so hard for something it is nice to be reminded of what an amazing profession is ahead of us!