AFTA Christmas Gift Guide

Give your loved ones the magical gift of flight this Christmas. We have listed our top three gift experiences to take the stress out of shopping and make you everyone’s favourite gift giver.

Whether you have to buy for your grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces , children , parents, friends or co-workers there is a gift  for everyone at AFTA.

Our flying lessons are the perfect way to take in the stunning coast of Cork, while also having the opportunity to take over the controls and  experience the thrill of flying. Suitable for everyone in the family from  ages 12 to 99.  

Our 737 simulator experience takes you into the front seat of the flight deck. Our instructors will take you on a flight to a destination of your choice.  For this experience you are the First Officer , so buckle up  and taxi out under the guidance of an expert instructor. Our Boeing 737 NG Simulator is built from a real 737  with the latest graphics , it is the closest experience you will have to being a commercial pilot. Suitable for all the family.

Finally our Aerobatic flying lesson, is not for the faint hearted. Our Super Decathlon was built for aerobatics, if you know someone who has a need for speed, always looking for a new experience, or loves the thrill and excitement of rollercoasters,  this is the most unique gift you can give. They will never forget it.

Find out more about our top three gifts below.

1)Airplane Flying Lesson

Give the unique gift of flight this Christmas! These vouchers make an ideal gift for someone who has not flown before and also for someone who is actively flying/training at the present time. It gives the would be pilot a unique insight into becoming a pilot. They will have the opportunity to handle the aircraft and also to enjoy the scenery from aloft where sights such as Cork Harbour, Kinsale, the west Cork coast to name but a few. This experience will remain forever as a fond memory of the day they got to fly their own aircraft. Don’t forget to bring your phone to capture those special moments!

60 minute Introductory Flight: €195

2)Boeing 737 Simulator Experience

Experience the thrill of flying a jet airliner! Take control of a high-fidelity fixed-base Boeing 737 NG flight simulator, with assistance from our experienced instructors. The AFTA Boeing 737 Flight Experience offers an insight into the fascinating world of commercial aviation beyond the cockpit door. This is an ideal gift for all ages that will never be forgotten.

60 minute Boeing 737 simulator experience: €195

3)Aerobatic Flying Lesson

Have you ever felt like doing something completely different? Then go for it! Loop the Loop, Barrel Rolls, Cuban Eights, you name it, this is real flying! Experience the exhilaration that only aerobatic flying can give, when you take to the skies with one of Ireland’s top aerobatic pilots and perform these manoeuvres in our Bellanca Super Decathlon airplane. This will give you something to talk about for years to come……GO ON, TRY IT!

40 minutes aerobatic training flight: €195