Private Pilots Licence (PPL)


The aim of the PPL course is to teach the student to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

The privileges of the holder of a PPL is to act as Pilot In Command (PIC) or Co-Pilot of any plane. The PPL course is a minimum of 45 hours flight training comprising of:

  • 35 hours with an instructor (dual)
  • 10 hours supervised solo flight time (PIC)
  • Pre flight and post flight briefings
  • Ground school covering 9 subjects and culminating in 9 written examinations set by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

All training will be conducted in our modern, fully equipped fleet of Cessna 172’s and completed at Cork International Airport and Waterford Airport. When the training is completed the student will undergo a flight test with an Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) flight examiner.


  • An applicant for the PPL must be at least 16 years old to fly solo and must be 17  years old to hold a Private Pilots Licence (PPL).
  • The applicant must also hold a Class 2 Medical before completing their first solo flight.
  • A PPL holder cannot fly for hire or reward (you cannot earn money from it).
  • A student must be 15 years of age to start logging their hours for the PPL, must be 16 to complete their first solo flight and must be 17 to hold the licence itself.


Full Time 10-day PPL Theory Ground School Start Dates 2024

The full time (10-day) PPL ground-school will run on the following dates in 2024.

  • Wednesday 14th February
  • Wednesday 10th April
  • Thursday 6th June
  • Thursday 8th August
  • Wednesday 16th October

We recommend that students attend the full time ground-school in person if possible. Although it also possible to attend classes online through Zoom if required.

If you would like to do our part-time ground-school course over a period of 5 weekends please e-mail us at enquiries@afta.ie to register your interest.


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