Airline Pilot Standards & Multi-Crew Co-operation (APS MCC)


APS MCC trains pilots in the skills to bridge the experience gap between flying multi engine propeller-driven training aircraft and operating aircraft commercially. It is designed to give new pilots all the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to adapt easily to a modern airline working environment. The course introduces the graduates to the new concepts of Jet performance and handling, among others introducing the Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS), Engine Indication and Flight Management System (FMS).

Our APS MCC training is designed to optimize the development of Non-Technical Skills (NTS/CRM) applicable to working in a multi crew environment . The training emphasis on developing Leadership skills, Situational Awareness and Decision making processes as well as on Communication techniques, Personal skills and Attitude and working effectively within a crew, the Team skills. During the advanced stages Line Operational Flight Training (LOFT) programs are used to replicate an operational airline environment.

Our APS MCC simulator is the most advanced type specific jet available and is full replica flight deck of the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (NG). It features:

  • Flight Management System (FMS) and full autopilot, flight director and auto throttle.
  • All aircraft systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics etc.).
  • Realistic aerodynamic flight model based on the Boeing aircraft manufacturer data package.
  • High definition wrap around panoramic visuals either in night, dusk or daylight.
  • All system failures and all weather conditions can be produced.

We also offer a Ryanair Mentored APS MCC Programme, to find out more, click here.

Start Dates

APS MCC Start Dates 2024

  • Monday 1st January
  • Monday 22nd January
  • Monday 12th February
  • Monday 4th March
  • Monday 15th April
  • Monday 6th May
  • Monday 27th May
  • Monday 17th June
  • Monday 8th July
  • Monday 29th July
  • Monday 19th August
  • Monday 9th September
  • Monday 30th September
  • Monday 21st October
  • Monday 11th November
  • Monday 2nd December

Please contact us at enquiries@afta.ie to reserve your place.

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

  • 10 Days Computer Based Training CBT aircraft systems and procedures
  • 4 Days ground school
  • 10 by 4 Hours B737-800 FBS Training


Have you a Valid Class 1 medical?

Your class 1 medical records must be held in the EU state that will issue the initial licence.

  • For example if you wish to have your licence issued by the Irish aviation authority your medical records need to be with the Irish Aviation Authority. If your medical records are not held in the same state, then you must do a state of licence issue transfer.
  • You must contact both the original authority and the new authority and completed a transfer process with both.
  • Once the licence has been issued, you can do the revalidation of a medical with any EASA member state, but you must remember to send a copy of the medical to your licence issuing state to keep your records current.
  • If you already hold a ICAO or EASA PPL and you have EASA ATPL theory which was not completed in the EASA state that will issue your CPL licence, then these licences and  exams must be verified by the authority that will issue the CPL licence.
  • You must contact the authority that will issue the CPL and authorise them to do a verification check on the exams and licences. Again the process can be different for different member states. Also depending on the state the original issued your licences or exams, there can be a period of time required for the process to be completed

Steps to transfer your Medical from your European issuing medical authority to the Irish Aviation Authority.

Please read all forms carefully, transferring licences may take three months plus.

  • Ring or visit the website of your medical issuing authority (eg. CAA in the UK). Fill in a State of License Issue Change- which gives permission for your authority to release your medical details/licenses to the Irish Aviation Authority.
  • Visit the IAA website and complete form Form. No. RPPL-F-100M
  • If you are transferring your medical and your Private Pilots Licence to the IAA, please fill in form RPPL-F-100E and POST this back.
  • If you are renewing your class 1 medical during training the IAA needs proof of this so ask your Aviation Medical Examiner  to send a copy of their report to medical@iaa.ie (please complete three weeks before a flight test).
  • If you are a modular student with ATPLS completed in another EASA country, you will need to get your ATPLS verified by the IAA.
  • Please email a copy of your results to licensing@iaa.ie .


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