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Gateway 3

Pilots with a frozen EASA ATPL will be offered a full time position with AFTA as an instructor for two years. Following which they will be fast tracked with Ryanair on a 737 type rating. Applicants that choose this career path will continue to follow Ryanair’s instructor career path with the airline and can expect to become Ryanair Senior Flight Instructors & Training Captains once qualification criteria are met.

This programme is for individuals who hold a UK or EU/EEA Passport with the unrestricted right to live and work in Europe/UK.

Arrange an Assessment

Our Ryanair assessment consists of two parts.

1) Psychometric and aptitude Testing which can be completed online at home.

2) Simulator assessment and interview which are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in our academy. Preparation is key.

The CUT-E Test

When you contact one of our training advisors you will be emailed a link to complete this section of the assessment at home. This is a computerised pilot screening system which assesses work related behaviour, situational behaviour, inductive logical thinking, reaction speed, spatial orientation, multi-tasking capability and complex control.

Simulator Check

After successfully passing the CUT-E test, you will be invited to attend part two in the academy. The simulator apptitude test consists of a short briefing, after which you will be instructed to perform some basic manoeuvres. This is to assess your capability, capacity and interaction with an instructor.

The Interview

This part of the process is an opportunity for you to tell us why you would like to join the Ryanair mentorship programme, what qualities, characteristics and experience you could offer Ryanair.

You will be tested on your technical and non-technical skills. Non- technical skills include areas such as communication, leadership and decision making, instruction knowledge. Technical skills would include ATPL questions.

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