The Bachelor of Arts (Honours Degree) in International Business with Aviation Studies

Cork Institute of Technology School of Business (CIT) have announced they are now taking applications from commercial pilots for their two year online Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business with Aviation Studies for the academic year 2019/2020.

The BA in International Business with Aviation was designed and created specifically for commercial pilots in conjunction with the aviation industry including considerable input from major airlines and the Atlantic Flight Training Academy based in Cork. Through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), this BA recognises the extensive learning involved in becoming a pilot to a commercial level. The RPL process values comprehensive prior learning and through rigorous and quality-assured means, the programme equates this to years 1 and 2 of a 4 year degree.

As many pilots lack opportunities to gain degrees due to their nature of their work so online learning is a key enabler that makes this course accessible to Pilots worldwide. Progression within airlines can be dependent on having a degree and this programme opens up numerous roles in the aviation industry to graduates. ‘In effect it will allow for the development of captains of business beyond the cockpit, while adding more value within it”. Dr Pio Fenton, Head of Marketing & International Business at CIT.


Ian Duffy, Senior First Officer, Emirates.

All of the lecturers have vast experience in their respective fields and are very responsive to any questions we have. There is flexibility in course work deadlines which is also a huge help as my roster can be challenging at times. I would highly recommend that anyone interested should apply for the course. It has broadened my mind and opens up a lot of doors down the line.”

Sean Brennan, First Officer, Ryanair

The international business and aviation studies course at CIT allowed me to achieve a degree while still working full time. The lectures were hosted online through zoom, so students could either engage with the lecturer and other students or watch back at a later date if they happen to be working. The lecturers were really helpful and quick to respond to any queries I had regarding assignments or class work. Even though the degree is entirely online it feels like you have the full support you would expect from an on campus learning experience.”

Eric Van Der Holst, Captain, Ryanair

I am a captain with Ryanair and started the course at CIT last summer. It is very interesting to get to see what is going on in the offices of your airline and how business decisions are made, since as pilots we mainly work on the frontline. During the first semester we learned about management styles and techniques, comparing traditional and more contemporary styles, and getting to see how these are implemented in your own company.

As an airline captain with a young family, time management can be difficult. Which is why the online course CIT is offering works out for me. I get to study when and where I want. Courses can be followed live at set times, or you can choose to view the recordings at a later time. I find myself switching between the different options per week, depending on my schedule.

Workload can be high at times, especially when assignments are due, but so far the work has been really rewarding and I definitely feel obtaining a bachelor’s degree covering all the different business aspects of aviation will contribute to the career of a commercial pilot. The level of the lecturers at CIT is very high, all of them have experience outside of the classroom, and you can tell by the way they use real life examples that make the courses very engaging”.

Ben Contreras, Base Captain, Ryanair

Starting a new degree whilst maintaining a full time job seemed daunting when I undertook the course, however despite my earliest reservations I have found it manageable. The ability to complete the course 100% online allows for flexibility when unable to attend lectures and it also means that reviewing material can be done from anywhere! The content is well delivered by great lecturers and topics cover an array of material that help give me the knowledge and ability in management and beyond”.

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