Marc O’Gorman Blog

In the last few weeks we’ve really experienced just how good summer in Ireland can be. It has arrived at the perfect time to be moving on to the next section of our flying which involves a fair amount of navigation flights and getting in a lot of solo flight time. As we just missed […]


Congratulations to Libyan cadet Abdelwahab Gadalla on completing his MCC/JOC at the academy today. Abdel was a dentist in Libya before deciding to pursue his dream career and become a pilot. Abdel has a great future ahead in Libyan Airlines and we wish him all the best. Abdel pictured here with MCC instructor Hans Sypkens.

Rob McBrien Testimonial

I studied at Atlantic Flight Training Academy in 2014/15.  I had visited several flight training school across Europe but I settled on Atlantic for many reasons such as their location, their personnel, exceptional value and strong reputation and I’m certainly satisfied I made the correct decision. I completed the course in 18 months and secured a […]