AFTA Ryanair Mentored Cadets Celebrate Success!

“We are very pleased to announce that 100% of our Ryanair mentored cadets were successful at their recent assessment day in Ryanair”, Captain Mark J Casey, AFTA CEO and Head of Training.

Atlantic Flight Training Academy is a proud training partner of Ryanair, Ireland’s No. 1 airline. Since joining forces with Ryanair in September 2018, AFTA’s mission has been to ensure Europe’s largest airline group continues to attract highly trained professional pilots to support its continued growth across Europe.

Applicants can join this prestigious mentored programme at Ab-Initio level with zero or little flying experience and through three other Gateways for more experienced pilots.

AFTA is uniquely placed as the only flight school in Ireland and the in UK offering the opportunity to join this mentored programme at different stages of training.

At AFTA we guarantee all Ryanair mentored cadets, including APS MCC Gateway 2 cadets, the option to also complete their Advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training (AUPRT) with us. AUPRT is now mandatory under EASA guidelines and is requirement for any final assessment with Ryanair.

Ryanair offers unparalleled career opportunities for new pilots, with:

  • Industry leading training standards and success rates
  • The best rosters in European Aviation – 5 days on followed by 4 days off
  • Huge earning potential
  • 82 Bases
  • Young modern fleet including the state-of-the-art Boeing 737

The advantages of joining the AFTA Ryanair Mentored Programme are:

  • You receive one on one mentoring from a Ryanair pilot.
  • Train using Ryanair Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from Ryanair approved AFTA instructors.
  • On successful completion of the programme you will be given preference during initial selection.
  • Have exclusive access to a fast track recruitment process and final screening .
  • Guaranteed a final Ryanair assessment.
  • Have a distinct advantage at the actual interview and assessment stage as you will be taught using Ryanair procedures and will get exposure to Ryanair’s safety culture and operational philosophy from day one of the programme.

To find out more about our Ryanair Mentored Programme please email info@afta.ie.

We will also be hosting and attending the following aviation seminars in 2020.

  • Seminar Belfast 13th of February
  • Pilot Careers Live Dublin 8th of March
  • Pilot Careers Live London 18th of April
  • Seminar Limerick 7th of May
  • Seminar Dublin 11th of June
  • Seminar Waterford 18th of June
  • Seminar Galway 2nd of July
  • Open Day AFTA 8th of August
  • Girls in Aviation Seminar Cork 24th of September
  • Pilot Careers Live London 7th of November

We wish our Ryanair mentored graduates all the best with their future careers with Ryanair!