AFTA Announces Flight Training Partnership with VistaJet

Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) is proud to announce its partnership with VistaJet, introducing their Pilot Mentored Programme. As the first and only global business aviation company, VistaJet commits to strengthening the sector’s future and supporting upcoming industry generations.

Based in Ireland and founded in 1995, AFTA is one of the leading European (EASA) Approved Flight Training Organisations, and has successfully trained over 2,500 high-calibre pilots to date. AFTA is excellently placed to deliver VistaJet a reliable pipeline of highly skilled professional pilots that have the capability and flexibility to uphold their commitment to providing its clients with unparalleled service, anytime, anywhere.

AFTA owns a young and modern fleet of aircraft and simulators, including the Diamond DA 42 aircraft as well as B737 NG and B737 MAX simulators. The academy’s commitment to prepare its students for their future career paths from day one on the flight line, as well as their effort to provide cadets with the latest aviation technology and teaching aids is commendable. The academy highly complements the core values and skillset that VistaJet looks for amongst its prospective Flight Deck crew. The two organisations share several other values reflected in how they run operations and their respective efforts to help improve the industry’s future.

Sustainability efforts towards a greener future are paramount. VistaJet has a 10-step commitment to sustainability and is constantly evolving, innovating and investing to set new standards for a reduced environmental impact, whilst AFTA is already transitioning towards a fleet of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) consuming aircraft.

The AFTA and VistaJet Pilot Mentored Programme consists of five different entry paths that have been specifically designed to meet the varying levels of experience amongst young professionals. A world of exciting opportunities waits for those passionate about the industry wishing to become part of a global and growing expert team. The collaboration is driven by specific objectives aimed at facilitating efficient pilot training and ensuring pilots acquire the necessary skillset and experience needed to meet VistaJet’s industry leading standards.

VistaJet and Atlantic Flight Training Academy list of programmes:

  1. Track 1 — the “zero to hero” approach for those who have little or no flight experience.
  2. Track 2 — for modular cadets who have successfully completed their PPL and ATPL exams.
  3. Track 3 — for modular cadets who have successfully completed their PPL, ATPL exams, MEP CPL, MEIR and AUPRT.
  4. Track 4 — for AFTA Flight Instructors who have achieved IRI and MEP CRI qualifications holding 2+ years’ experience in MEIR instructor roles.
  5. Track 5 — for foreign ICAO license holders wishing to convert to EASA.

As part of Vista — the world’s leading global private aviation group — VistaJet continues to be fully dedicated to offering a career development path for its crew across the Group. Pilots have the unique opportunity to progress through the Vista Members’ fleet of over 360 aircraft globally all whilst holding the highest safety ratings across flight operations, aircraft maintenance, safety risk-assessment and compliance standards.